Home Management Binder

I just updated the links at the bottom of this post.  Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to update this.  I don't use this binder any longer... now that we're homeschooling.  I have a whole new binder.  With life right now, I just don't have time to get that done.  Hopefully this will be enough to get you all started on your adventure to organization.  Note that some of the links are no longer working (the joys of the internet).  Since this orginal post, there are lots of home management binders popping up all over the internet.  You should be able to find or make your own pages to fit your life and schedule.  Good luck with your binder and Happy Organization!

Did you see the binder that Missy from So you think you're crafty posted at the beginning of the new year?

I knew right away that this system would help me keep track of all of the things I need to manage in my life.  In the end... more time for my family and crafts!!!!  WOOHOO!  :)

I fell in love with the idea but was disappointed with some of the downloadable forms on the internet. So, I made a few of my own and used some that I found online.  (Below is a list of all the forms I made and the ones I found).

Here is how I did it:

Instead of buying a cheapo binder for a dollar I bought a nicer one that looked better.  There is something about things that look nice that make me more inclined to use them.  Here is the binder I found:

Here is what's in it:

I picked up these tab dividers at walmart.  You can write on the tabs with pen and then erase them!  Way cool.  No commitment.  Then if one of the tabs just isn't working, I can switch it out.

I put all of the pages in plastic sleeves.  The cool part about using these, you can use a dry erase marker on the page to cross things off or write on them and then just wipe it off later.

Tab 1: Schedules

The first page is a yearly calendar.  You can see that I have some days highlighted.  These are days that we have something going on.

Turn the page and you find the monthly calendars.  Here is where I write what is going on.  So, when I open my binder and see on the yearly calendar that something is going on, I then turn the page and can read more details about what that is.

The next page is my daily schedule which is pretty self explanatory.  I use my dry erase marker to check things off as I go.

Then I have the schedules for my children.  They each get to check things off as they finish them.  It's a sense of accomplishment that really makes them feel great and motivates them to get things done.  It totally works for them!

Tab 2: Cleaning

The first page is a basic outline of what needs to be cleaned each day.  I check these off as I go.

The next pages are just detailed lists of what needs to be done in each room.  It breaks each room down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Tab 3: School

This tab is to keep track of things I need to remember/do for my son for school.  The tab dividers have pockets, which is where I keep Caden's permission slip forms or other papers that he has to remember.

Then I have more of the blank calendars to keep track of things to remember, days off, meetings, etc.

Tab 4: Menu Planning

 The first page is just a menu that I fill out each week with my dry erase marker.

 Then I have a diet/food diary to keep track of what I eat, how many calories, and how much water I have each day.  I'm trying to loose weight and this should be helpful in the process.

Tab 5: Goals

 I printed a blank chart that is numbered from 1-31 down the side.  On the top I write the personal goal I want to keep track of for the month.  Then, each day I do that goal, I put an x in the box.  Just to help me keep track.  I also have a second chart set up the same way, except for family goals.

Tab 6: Finances

In the pocket of the divider I keep the bills that come in the mail that I have to pay for the month.  On the next page I have a calendar that I write when those bills are due.  The next page has a monthly spending form to keep track of what we have spent and on what.

Tab 7: Outings/Vacation

This tab has a form for our babysitters with important information on it.  Then, when we have a sitter, I can just pull it out of the binder and set it out for her.  You could even keep insurance info and vaccine info in here for emergencies.

The next page has a general packing list for each person in our family.  Once it is packed, I check it off with my dry erase marker.

Tab 8: Devotions

My husband and I want to read through the Bible in a year.  So, we have a schedule to help us do that.  I will also be putting loose leaf pages in here for note taking.

Here are the forms that I made and some that I found online for each of the tabs.

Tab 1: Schedule:

Tab 2: Cleaning checklists:

Tab 3: Calendar for Child who is in school
Blank Calendars

Tab 4: Menu Planning
Weekly Menu Planner 
Food Diary

Tab 5: Personal Goals
1 month chart

Tab 6: Finances

Tab 7: Outings/vacations
Babysitter Info.
Vacation/Packing Checklist

Tab 8: Devotions:
Read the Bible in 1 year
Add loose leaf paper to this section for note takingBabysitter InfoBathroom cleaning checklist


Mark said...

This seems like such a great tool! Thanks for all your great ideas!

Kimberly said...

I've been wanting to do one of these forever! I bought a pretty binder months ago for it. Thanks for the pages, I'm going to have to get it together now!

Emily said...

Love these Deidre! I have seen a couple around and have been piecing things together for mine at home too. The one thing I added to mine is trading card page protectors with coupons in them. Then I can see them all at once!

Emily said...

Hey D- your weekly cleaning links back to morning-evening routine. Just fyi.

Deidre said...

Thanks for Letting me know Em... Should be good now! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea. Writing down and planning out meals really will help you loose weight. I lost 20 pounds just keeping track of what I ate.

Our Lussier Family said...

this is awesome! Now I only have to be organized enough to print it all out and put it in the binder!

Ashley said...

I hope if you re do this for 2012 you post again, I'd love to update my pages!

Kaitlyn said...

It is just so wonderful of you to post this information and your templates. Thank you!

Lindsey said...

Thanks so much!

~ Sarah ~ said...

This is great! Thank you so much for the inspiration and examples. I am so doing this for my house.

Karen and Joe said...

Thank you for doing the leg work for us to ride on your coat tails! I am excited to get ORGANIZED!! :-)

Luvmy3Kids said...

I've tried so many different lists and charts and forms in the past. I ended up with a whole lot of unchecked papers laying around my countertops and posted on my fridge. Thank you for this idea. It seems like a necessity for a single mom like me with 3 little ones. I'm putting it together right now, and I really think this one is going to work for me. Thank you so much!

Jenn said...

I'm having trouble downloading the sheets. It keeps saying that I have to pay to sign up & download. Help!?!?

Deidre said...


I didn't realize scribd was charging now!!! Thanks for letting me know. I am working to get them posted so that you can print these free. Check back in a day or two and they will be ready for download. Otherwise, feel free to send me your email and I can just email them to you. frebyrds1 (at) gmail (dot) com

Brittany C said...

I would like to create one of these, however I am having a hard time downloading them, can you help me please?

Meghan Marks said...

thank you thank you! I've been trying to design something like this myself I'd called it the "household coach" for some young ladies 18-21 that I work with who are trying to get set up to live on their own, this will help so much.

Another idea is to write out what has to be done in each room and put it in sleeves in that room to be checked off as it's done. And to color code the tasks by a quick clean, regular clean, and repair clean (that involves filling holes, repainting patches, etc)

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