S.Y.T.Y.C - Go vote!

I am entered in a craft competition that requires people to vote. The thing is, I can't tell you which craft is mine. The top 10 winners will be entered in the competition. Each week, the contestants have to enter a craft that goes along with a theme. Who ever gets the least votes for the week is voted off. So, this is just the audition part of it. But how fun is that? So, go vote! I'm sure most of you who know me, will know which one is mine. So, GO VOTE!


Dress up: felt crown

In the past I've always used the cheap felt from walmart or local craft stores. It pills really bad and just doesn't hold up for toys. Wool felt, so I've read, is the way to go as it is way more sturdy and lasts so much longer. So, I splurged this time! Wool felt for Alanna's felt crown. It's beautiful. It's thick. It's sooooo soft! I'll never turn back now! Here are the pieces for the crown that I have yet to finish. AHHHH... less than two weeks before her birthday! I still have to finish some of the dress up items, start dress up skirts, make an apron and chefs hat and finish her big gift (suppose to keep this quiet... oops). So much to do!

Dress up: ballet shoes

This another work in progress. The ballet shoes are made of a fleece outer, felt bottom, and knit & fleece inside. I have to finish this pair and two more to go. One will be a green satin to match her princess hat. I'm definitely excited about this part!

Dress up: play silks... sort of

When Beth and I went shopping for fabric for the dress up pieces, we decided to skip on buying silk and dying it. not because of the process of having to dye it, but because the silk was 15 dollars per yard... forget that! I just can't stomach spending that much on fabric when you just don't know if it will even be played with... not to mention, it's for a toy! So, we just bought some satin instead. And, we dont' have to dye it. This was definitely the easiest part of the dress up items as all we had to do was cut and hem. easy peasy. These could be used for so many things... baby blankets, head scarfs, for a magic hat (which I'll be making for Caden's birthday). They are such fun colors too!

Dress up: Medieval princess hat

This hat was a pain in the butt because I forget a stop... the felt lining. It began to flop over and not hold it's shape. So, I had to go back and fix it. Basically, it's a piece of satin with fusible interfacing attached and lined with pink felt. I think I'm going to attach some elastic to go under her chin so it doesn't fall off when she is playing. We'll see if I have time.

Dress up: wands

To go along with the masks, here are the finished wands I made for Alanna. I'm not a fan of the star as I sewed and turned the felt. The other two, I left the raw edges out and it simply looks better. I'm not sure why I turned the felt. Anyway, Alanna won't care... right?

Dress up: masks

For Alanna's birthday I am making her a whole bunch of dress up items. I have been working on this for a few weeks with one of my best friends, Beth. Her daughter, Emily, has the same birthday as Alanna. Alanna is just one year older... to the day. They are best friends and such stinkers when they are together. Pretty sure it's my daughter who is the bad influence. hmmmm... something to work on with her, huh? ANYWAY, Beth and I get together after the kids go to bed a couple of times a week to get things done. Late nights, lots of laughs and adorable presents for the girls. here are the masks I made for Alanna. So fun.

In progress

A friend of mine from back home is about to have her fourth baby... a little boy. After seeing the car seat cover I made for Eli, she asked if I would do the same for her car seat. At this point, the pieces are all cut and ready to assemble. I have to get it done asap as the baby will be here really soon! Here are the pieces. Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric?

This is the one I did for Eli, unfinished.


I made two Bibs to match Madysen's high chair cover. One is made out of an old pair of jeans and the matching fabric.

The other, out of the same fabric as the cover. This one I free-form quilted. A new thing I have never done before, but thoroughly enjoyed.

Both have the same fabric on the back.

Madysen's highchair cover

I have been working on this for awhile now and am ALMOST finished. I just have to put a button hole for the straps and it's done! I had bought this fabric to cover Alanna's car seat, but decided not to embark on the project as she would be out of it soon enough. So, when this project came up, I knew the fabric would be perfect. There is still lots left too. I'm sure you will be seeing it again in the future... skirts, bags, who knows.

Matching Bibs are definitely in order.


I'm still here

I haven't disappeared. I promise. I have just been working on some gifts for the last few weeks that I couldn't post about. But, those are all coming soon! As well as what I have been working on for Alanna's birthday! So fun and exciting! Check back soon!