Because of the nature of our business, Dan and I have decided that we are going to start homeschooling Caden and Alanna next semester.  That gives me some time to finish up all of my work for this years weddings before we start and the kids a chance to say good bye to their friends.  We are not telling them yet, however.  I think we'll wait until the first part of December.  I'm excited.  I have been researching endlessly for the last couple of weeks and I finally have a grasp on things.

Our curriculum is picked out and we're working on creating a space for homeschooling.  Mind you, that's difficult in our small 3 bedroom townhouse with no garage and no dining room.  yeah... little.  Part of the living room will be converted.  

Since then, I've been hooked on interest searching for homeschool room ideas.  Here's a few of my fags:

Source: ana-white.com via Deidre on Pinterest

Source: ana-white.com via Deidre on Pinterest

I think I have kind of narrowed it down to what I want due to the fact that our space is so small.

Source: ikea.com via Deidre on Pinterest

I want to use the shelf above against the wall so I can store all of their homeschool supplies here.  I'm sure we will eventually grow out of it, but that will probably take some time before we do. :)

Source: ikea.com via Deidre on Pinterest

Then I will purchase this desk to attach to the shelf.  I like the idea of working in one area not each child in different areas. 

Then I will use these for storage on the shelf.  They match the rest of our living room, which is important to me.  I hate having mismatched stuff everywhere.  

Source: ikea.com via Deidre on Pinterest

Source: ikea.com via Deidre on Pinterest

Now I just need to talk dan into letting me spend a couple hundred dollars on that plus the additional 500 or so I'll be spending on curriculum.  Either way, it's still cheaper than what we are spending on private school right now!!! WOOHOO!!!



I know I have been sooo absent lately and I'm sorry!  I miss crafting so much but I am beyond excited for where life is headed lately.  My photography  business is going to be undergoing even more major changes in the next month or so and I will be starting some new adventures.  

The biggest news... I'm working on writing a book!  WOOHOO!  Who knows where this path will lead but I am so excited and beyond nervous.  Writing a book and actually getting it published is only for lucky people... or at least I've always thought.  But opportunities have been coming my way and God is pushing me in new places.  So stay tuned.