To be continued...

I know I said I would finish skirt week on Monday and Tuesday, but I have been WAY too side tracked!

Today, I finished the Idle Iron Man! Yes, that's right! 112 miles on the bike, 26.4 running, and 2.4 swimming! I had a lot to finish this week and it took me doing 2 workouts a day a couple of times. In 24 hours time, I biked 27 miles and ran 5. CRAZY! I'm tired. Very tired, but I'm so proud of myself! I honestly didn't think I would do it, but I did! YAY, ME! I am thinner too, but not thin enough. Lots to do over the next couple of months before summer. (It's Wisconsin. Summer doesn't start until well into June if we're lucky!)

Anyway, now that I'm finished with that, the crafts will come soon! Thanks for being patient with me!


Link your Skirts!!!

Lets see what you have done this week!  Share in the fun and add your creations.


It's still skirt week - Tutorials!

It really is still skirt week, despite my absence the last two days.  Today is Alanna's birthday and yesterday was her friend party.  It was a bit hectic on Thursday and Friday because we prepped the whole thing in one day.  If you know how elaborate I like to be for birthday's, you know how crazy that is!!!  I'll share more on that next week.

I will be extending skirt week until Wednesday because there is so much more I want to accomplish with it.  The linky party I promised, you will see that up tomorrow.

But for today, here are some links to skirt tutorials I absolutely love!


What skirt fits your body shape?

Last night I was going to make a skirt for myself after my grueling workout.  But then it occurred to me.  The skirt I had in mind would be ALL wrong for me.  I'm not about to put the time and effort into making something that doesn't work!

But what the heck would work on my short hourglass frame?  It seems like EVERYTHING makes my hips look bigger!  God knows I do NOT need more eyes looking at my already truck size hips!  I know... that's just life after you push out four kids, but I don't need them looking BIGGER!
So here is what I learned for my short hourglass frame.
A-line and straight skirts.  Neither too tight or too loose.  Small prints.  No bias cut skirts (bye bye circle skirt idea).

(Can you tell I never wear skirts?)

Here's the problem... I'm so not a fan of straight or pencil skirts.  A-line... fine, but it's just not what I was hoping for. 
So, with my hopes deflated I did some research and here is my inspiration for a skirt I am determined to make for myself!

Mudshark Streetwear - I could pull this off.. If I were a size 2!!!  Ok... maybe I can.  I have no clue!

Anthropologie (no longer available).  I'm not sure that this would be a good idea with the way the side scrunches, but the ruffle maybe???

Dreadful.  Maybe I just need to open my mind up to the idea of them and embrace it.  Or maybe... I stick with A-line and say "screw you pencil skirt."

Mudshark Streetwear
 I'm thinking if this were a bit shorter, it could be really cool.

Mudshark Streetwear
So pretty!

Who knew making a skirt for myself would be such a daunting task!  I mean, I lost 5 pounds since Saturday!!!  I can't be down on myself, but this task sucks.  Though, I'm determined to make one, even if it won't fit me for long!


Ribbon Flower Skirt - TUTORIAL

This skirt is a super simple one with such a fun little detail.  Enjoy!

What you need:
needle and thread
1/2 yard of fabric
3/4" elastic

You're going to start by folding your fabric in half, salvage to salvage.

Measure the length you want your skirt and add two inches.  Cut out your panel.

Sew your panel, right sides together, along the salvage.

Iron your salvage open.

Iron both raw edges of your skirt down a 1/4 inch.

Fold and iron one side of your skirt little more than 3/4 of an inch.

Fold and iron the opposite side of your skirt another 1/4 inch, creating a double fold.

On the 3/4 inch side you ironed, sew it closed, leaving a 1 inch gap.  Pull your elastic through, overlap it one inch and sew it together.  Then, close your hole.

Run a straight stitch along the bottom of your skirt.

You should now have a simple skirt.  You could stop here, but that's boring!

Take your ribbon and fold it over just a little, holding it with your fingers.

 Make a loop.

 Matching your ends the best that you can, start another loop.

 Keep the ends matched the best that you can and keep making loops.  You should make about 15 loops.

 When you get to the end, trim your ribbon a little longer than your loops.  

 Tuck in the end.

 Pull a piece of thread through the ends of your loops, making sure you get each one.
 Put your needle back through the ends of the ribbon in the same place you put the last one.

 Do not pull your thread tight.  This is what is going to make your ribbon flow in a circle.

 Let the loops go and evenly space them around your thread into a nice circle.  Tie off  your thread.

 Position your flower on your skirt.

 With your fingers, smash the loops down so they lay flat and they all lay in the same direction.  Then secure it to your skirt, making sure you tack down each of the loop ends.

 Tack down a few of your loops.  I did every other loop so that it won't fall later.



dress shirt to Paper Bag Skirt - TUTORIAL

I love love love this skirt, but I really don't like the shirt my daughter was wearing or that she was fighting with me so much about taking the photos.  grrr... child.  


Here it is

Items Needed:

One dress shirt.
bias tape

Here is the shirt I used.  It has a really fun detail on the front.

 Close up of the ruffle detail.

 Cut the bottom part of the shirt off, just under the arms.

 Run a straight stitch down the edge of the button closure so there are no holes.
I'm pretty sure my sewing machine needle shouldn't be bent like this.  hmmm.

Take it to your ironing board and iron edge down a 1/4 inch.  Fold it another 1/4 inch and iron one more time.  Then, fold down 2 inches and iron again.  This is so you do not have a raw edge exposed and it doesn't fray in the laundry (I forgot to take a picture of this part).

Sew the part you just ironed down, leaving a 1 inch gap to thread your elastic.  Sew another line a little more than 3/4 inch above the your last line.  This is to make your elastic casing. 
 Cut a piece of elastic an inch longer than your child's waist measurement and thread it through your casing.  Sew it closed.

Using black double fold bias tape, make a few belt loops (I made four).  and sew them down evenly around your skirt.

Thread a piece of ribbon through the belt loops.

Here is a closer look at what the top hem of your skirt will look like.  

I'm going to make another one of these with another shirt this week.  I'll post more details pictures soon.


If you have a little girl who loves skirts (or maybe you do!), I am going to be doing a week of skirt tutorials.  I will have a tutorial posted this afternoon.  Since I'm down and out, I might as well start sewing for spring and summer. :)

On Friday I will post a linky party for you to share your skirts with as well.  So, start creating!

skirt week

Spring Craft Competition - WINNER

Jaime, our judge, from C.R.A.F.T., emailed me last night with the winner she picked!  I was pretty excited because the winner and I have a bit of history.  She's a sweet heart.

So, without further ado, here is our winner:

The Cardboard Wreath!

And, it was made by:

Chris from Pickup Some Creativity!  Chris and I were both in season 3 of S.Y.T.Y.C.!  Check out her blog because she has some really great ideas and tips.  Including her sewing 101 series which is VERY helpful.  

Chris wins a gift certificate from lilybella Fabrics!  My dear, you will love it!  Christy has such a great selection to choose from.  

Congrats Chris!  I will be in touch with you soon to get your prize in the mail! 


In other news... 

I had great intentions of posting some fun new tutorials and ideas, but I have been down and out with a bad back.  I went to the chiropractor this morning and I have to go again this afternoon.  You know it's bad when you have to go in twice in one day!  Ugh... not fun.

AND... I'm down an entire dress size in just a few weeks!  YAY!!!!  I have less than two weeks to finish the idle iron man.  I have 80 miles left on the bike, 14 left to run and one stupid lap left in the pool (we miss calculated and thought we were done).  If I can get my back ready to take the endurance, I know I can get it done.  I did ten miles on the bike in 35 min. on Friday night.  It felt awesome!  So, it's still do able.  I just want to finish it!  I'll post a picture of my progress after I finish the idle iron man.

I hope you all have a great, crafty day!


Cool finds

Sorry for the lack of crafty posts as of late.  Life has been insanely busy and I can't wait to get my hands back to working on something fun like crafts.  Until then, I want to share with you some more inspiration I have found recently.

Needle point heels that only cost $2 and look so fun!  Check them out here.

This is so cute and on my list for next year (I'm ready for spring, not winter!) FAST tutorial here.

 I love finding new ways to make flowers and this one is great.  Find out how here.

This is more about the blog than something specific.  It's a blog I just stumbled on recently and I'm in love.  So many great ideas.  Check out the house of smiths.


Don't forget to enter your spring craft!  You have until tomorrow night!