Oh, how I miss you!

I have missed my sewing machine for far too long.  It broke about a year ago and I have been left without and beyond sad about it along the way.  Don't ask me why I never replaced it... I just didn't.  Alanna (my almost 7 year old... ahhh!) asked and got a sewing machine for Christmas.  So, I'm back at it.  Albeit in a very different way, but back at the creating none the less.  It feels good.  Really good.

Alanna was looking at my blog last night and asked why I don't use it anymore.  I really couldn't give her a good answer.  Her response was simple... lets both make things to post!  Ok.  Why not?

It might not be as often as I would like, but our hopes are to post on this blog often with tips on sewing with children, sewing for children, crafts, crafts with kids and for kids... etc.  You get the point.

This is my favorite part of homeschooling.  Having the time during the day (after the school work is done) to do fun activities like teaching my 7 year old to make clothes for herself and her american girl doll. :)  It doesn't get better than this!

So, hopefully we can keep up and rejoin the blog world in a whole new way.  We're still planning on how things will look and feel, but you can be sure that there is more to come. :)  YAY!