Carseat cover

Tonight I am about to start my third car seat recovering project. I'm debating whether or not I should create a tutorial as I go, or not. Not sure if it's worth my time... anyone interested in that???

When I was pregnant last year, I contacted Dana from MADE to make on for me, but didn't have the ability to do it at that point. When it came time to have it done, I contacted her again, but she had just stopped making them for customers. So, I figured, why not do it myself. I searched high and low for a tutorial but couldn't find anything. I decided to just tackle it myself. I mean, what was the hurt? My carseat was practically new and the cover was falling apart. It was either buy one from the manufacturer or make one. I figured if it didn't work, I could just buy it from combi. Well, I loved it. And, I learned a lot along the way. I made one for a friend of mine recently and that same friend is paying me to make one for a friend of hers. Anyway, if it is something someone is interested in, I take the photos along the way and post a tutorial next week.


Draw String studio

I have to take a minute to thank someone special. Danielle, from drawstringstudio. The fabric on the picnic tote was from her. Isn't it beautiful? And, it's organic. You HAVE to check out her shop for her very well priced, beautiful fabrics. And if you live near Milwaukee, like I do, she is opening a brick and mortar store very soon. I couldn't be more excited about that! Keep up with her on her facebook page to find more details about the coming store. Also, an interview with Danielle is coming later this week. She's soooo sweet! I think you'll adore her as much as I do!

THANK YOU, as well, to all of you who voted! It was a long process with some AMAZINGLY talented women. I made some new friends (competitors and fans alike), learned a lot, and stretched myself! What a great opportunity. So, here's the picnic tote (tutorial soon).

If you are tired of the same dinner and a movie date with your spouse, here is a great idea for a special night together. A picnic... without that big, boxy picnic basket. Find a babysitter, pack up a nice dinner and put it in your beautiful picnic tote!

When you unsnap the top, you can see how nicely organized all of your picnic items are.

This is not just any tote, however. The sides of the tote snap in the back to easily access the items for your picnic.

There are elastic straps to hold your wine glasses (cute plastic ones from Walmart), pockets for your plates and silverware, and a pocket for your picnic blanket.

The picnic blanket has a waterproof bottom, which is easy to clean (a simple modification of the outdoor play mat). It is a great way to enjoy your spouse. And if you really want to keep it cheap, put the kids to bed and have a picnic in the backyard. Just the two of you!

The cute fabric is curtousy of Danielle from Draw String Studio.


sewing for myself

I've been debating whether or not I should start making my own clothes. See, today I had the most important meeting for my photography business that I have ever had. I went to the store to buy a new outfit as I am lacking business clothing since having my fourth child 8 months ago. I don't know how to buy clothes for myself anymore because of it. baby number 4 put my body through the wringer. So, today, I was frusterated beyond belief! Nothing fits! It isn't that I am looking at the wrong sizes either. It's because everything is made for a totally different figure. My figure is an hourglass figure. I'm not small but I'm not in a womens size either (too close for comfort, but not there). So, It's time I start making my own clothes. No shirts with crazy ruffles (love them, can't wear them). No shapless dresses. No shirts that just hang there. And no pants that are too long or too skinny! Lets face it, you need to be skinny to wear skinny jeans. Who came up with these new styles? GIVE ME A BREAK! So, after SYTYC is over, it's possible you may see less little girl clothing and more womens clothing. It's time to be proactive about my clothing (aside from killing myself in the gym - which I am doing). Maybe I'll even do a sew a long. hmmm. Anyone interested?


Big things to come!

I know, you are all sad that I haven't made posts about anything other than SYTYC, right? Ok, maybe not as sad as this face from my little boy, Abram. but you're still a little sad, right? :)

With summer weddings in full swing, new business ventures, and my husband pushing my business full time, life has been a bit consumed. HOWEVER, big things are to come! I have a few exciting things in the works with a few people I have met through SYTYC! So, stay tuned. One last craft and some exciting stuff!


Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

Items needed:
Old suit jacket
1/2 yard cotton fabric

1. Rip apart jacket
First, on the back side of the jacket, rip apart the seam down the middle with your seam ripper.

Then rip apart the side seams and the back of the arm hole as far as you can before it curves in. You want an even piece.

Do the same thing on the other side. Pin the pieces, right sides together and check the length. If you need more length, cut another piece from the front of the jacket that is the same width as the previous two pieces. This piece will probably be shorter so put it between the two larger pieces and sew them all together. Now cut a piece of fabric the same length and width as your scarf.

2. Add the pocket.
Rip out one of the pockets that is sandwiched between the lining and the outer fabric. You should be left with this:

Now pin the pocket to the back side of the fabric lining you just cut.

Flip it over and cut a slit the length of the pocket.

Fold and iron all of your pieces in and top stitch around the pocket, being careful not to sew it closed. This will take some maneuvering.

3 Add the ruffle.
Cut a piece of fabric that is 2x the width of your scarf and how ever long you want it. I made mine about 6 inches. Hem the two short sides and one long side. Sew a long stitch and gather the raw edge of the scarf so it is the same length as the scarf.

With right sides together, sew the ruffle to the suit jacket part of the scarf. I ripped off the tage from the suit jacket because it was made in a nearby town and I top stitched it to the scarf. If you are planning to do something similar, do so now.

then lay the lining on top.

Double fold the sides of the scarf over the top of the lining and top stitch all the way around.

That's it! You're done! Enjoy!


ruffle scarf

Here is my entry for the last S.Y.T.Y.C. craft.

Ruffle scarf

I picked up this wool suit jacket for 50% off at a total cost of $1.50!!!

Made from a mens wool suit jacket, this scarf provides a feminine flare to a classic accessory. The scarf is lined with a mustard colored cotton fabric to prevent itch and add color.

The tag on the front was originally on the inside of the suit jacket. It had the name of a nearby town printed on it, so I used it to give a more personal feel, add a little detail, and to remember it's roots.

The most unique part of this scarf is the pocket, made from one of the existing pockets on the suit jacket, on the backside behind the tag. The pocket provides a great way to carry your wallet and cellphone when out shopping. It's functional, beautiful, and warm. Perfect for fall!


Dress for Alanna

This week I made a dress for Alanna. I used the tutorial from lil blue boo's tutorial for her border fabric sundress. It was super easy and SOOOOO CUTE!!! I love it! Alanna, on the other hand, isn't a fan of the tie straps. They bug her. So, I'm going to come up with a different strap for it. Not sure what yet, but I have a few ideas in mind.

Yes, I've used this fabric before! I bought a lot of it last year and I am FINALLY to the end!!!! I'm kind of getting sick of it, actually! :)

Can you tell she has 3 brothers?

I'm looking forward to the end of S.Y.T.Y.C. It has been a lot of fun, but a lot of stress. In fact, a few weeks ago, I nearly backed out. I even emailed Missy and told her I was done. But after I managed to find time to do that weeks craft, I emailed her and asked if I could stay in. Because it wasn't past the deadline, it wasn't a big deal and I'm glad I stuck it out. This week however, I would be fine with losing tonight. Now that it is down to the final three, it is so easy to know whose is whose and what not that it is more of a popularity contest. I liked it better when it was anonymous and we didn't know whose craft was whose. It wasn't about who made it, but the craft itself. Therefore, I'm ok going home tonight, if that does happen.


Flower Party Lights - TUTORIAL

Flower Party Lights TUTORIAL

**** First and foremost... I'm posting this disclaimer:
If you are going to make these lights the same way that I did, you MUST follow my directions for attaching them to the lights exactly how I explain them as to avoid any electrical fires. We are working with electricity here, people! To avoid any hazards, it is best to follow my suggestions instead.

Items needed:
LED Christmas lights****
crepe or tissue paper
floral tape

1. Cut circles out of your crepe or tissue paper in the desired size of your flowers. Mine were about a 3" radius. Each flower is 4 layers of paper. I cut mine with pinking shears, but you do not need to.

2. Fold the 4 layers in half.

3. Fold it in half again.

4. cut off the tip of the corner. VERY small amount.

5.Open up your flower. This is what you should have.

**** Here is my big disclaimer. I suggest using floral tape to attach the flowers to your lights instead of doing the steps I used below. It wouldn't be any more difficult than the way I did it. Otherwise, follow this just right.

6. Take the light apart. You really should use LED lights because they throw a LOT less heat. Using standard christmas lights may result in a fire. If you are not using LED, USE CAUTION!

7. Slide your circles onto the bottom of the light... Make sure the paper is NOT touching any part of the metal contacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These directions are from my electrician husband. He would much rather everyone use the floral tape :)

8. Place the light back into the base.

9. pull the first layer of paper up and scrunch it together. Continue with each additional layer.

10. You should now have this:

Top view:

11. Fluff each layer so you now have this:



Check out this weeks crafts! I made it to the final three! Who knows what's going to happen this week... eeek!

GO VOTE!!! www.soyouthinkyourecrafty.blogspot.com


Flower Party Lights

Can't believe how well I did with the lights! Seriously. I had this done in less than an hour! I threw it together last minute in hopes I would just get by the round. It's amazing how my last minute crafts do so well. I guess I surprise myself sometimes. Thank you to everyone who voted for them!!! Tutorial to come soon.
Flower Party Lights

What little girl wouldn't love this string of lights for their birthday party or strung across their bedroom?

Each little flower has a light in the center, creating an illuminated pink decoration. They are not only cute, but easy and quick to make.


Sewing with little ones

I found this idea awhile back and did it with my two oldest children (5 & 4). They LOVED it!

I was going to show you a picture of what we did, but I can't find the ones they made!!! grrr. When I find them, I'll post a photo. In the mean time, check out the link.

Sorry it's a short post without photos... busy week! :)



Today, my husband lost his job. I haven't freaked out or worried about what is to come, because the truth is... God ALWAYS provides!!! Never will he leave us. Never will he forsake us.

In the meantime, (aside from pushing my photography business full throttle) I am busy working to fill my very empty etsy shop. I will have a link and details to come soon. You will find some of the outdoor play mats and maybe even some teacher totes there. Also, maybe some children's clothing and the felt learning mat (maybe???). Some of you have contacted me about special ordering some of my S.Y.T.Y.C. crafts. If you are still interested let me know. You can email me at deidre@realifephotos.com

Look for tomorrows post. I have a cool idea for you to do with your little ones this summer!


outdoor play mat - TUTORIAL

Outdoor Play Mat

1 yard cotton fabric
1/8 yard same cotton fabric or contrasting fabric
1 yard vinyl or shower curtain liner
a piece of velcro

1. cut fabric

Trim the vinyl to be the same measurement as your cotton fabric. I left it at the full yard.

2. sew vinyl and cotton

With right sides together, sew the cotton and vinyl together, leaving a large hole where you will turn your fabric and sew in your strap.

3. cut and sew your strap

Fold your almost finished blanket into thirds and roll it up. measure around it. Take that measurement and add an inch. Take your 1/8 yard of fabric and cut a strap that will be 4 inches wide by the measurement you just took. Fold the strap in half and sew it right sides together around one short edge and the long edge.

4. Sew in your strap

Turn your blanket right sides out. Fold the hem in slightly and place your strap in the middle of the open edge. Sew it closed.

5. velcro
Sew a piece of velcro on the end of your strap and on the blanket edge so that you can fasten your blanket shut for storage. (I don't have a picture of this step, but if you need help, let me know.) Refer to the this picture for reference:

6. Top stitch

Top stitch around the entire blanket.

***You can add some batting to the blanket if you choose, but I did not. I wasn't going for a soft blanket, but for simple mat to keep my baby clean and off the grass that irritates his skin.

*** You could also use a button hole instead of velcro if you so choose. Maybe even a snap.