Yesterday we savored the time thinking about the sky and the beauty of it all. Seriously, isn't it gorgeous? After we talked about it for a few minutes, we dove right into a craft.

Paints were the kids medium of choice. I don't always let them paint (I hate the mess and desperately need to get over it!), so they took the opportunity to do so!

My oldest, Caden, decided that there definitely had to be a sun on his picture. He used the cardboard tubes and his fingers to paint it. I loved that it wasn't perfectly round. His response, "the sun shines everywhere."

My daughter, Alanna, immediately thought of the blue sky and the clouds. She loves to look at the clouds and find shapes, so that was inevitable. Her sense of color and adventure when it comes to blending is amazing.

The best part of Alanna's art was definitely her hands! If you get past the mess, isn't it really pretty? The shades of blue that she managed to get all over her hands (front and back) all from two colors just amazed me. beautiful.

The end result of their pictures. Love them.

My third child, Abram, sat back and colored a picture while Eli, the youngest, sat in his highchair enthralled by what the others were doing. He was so content just sitting there. So cute.

Today's theme is rain because it is raining here in Wisconsin. We're going to make the best of it and make something having to do with rain. I also have a few things I'm working on that I will be posting soon.


Marci T said...

Thanks for the reminder to "get over it"...and the comment about the 'sun shining everywhere' is so poignant! I often get so caught up in the perfection/cleanliness of craft time that I ruin all the fun. Your notes today touched my heart! :)

Josh said...

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