I know I have been sooo absent lately and I'm sorry!  I miss crafting so much but I am beyond excited for where life is headed lately.  My photography  business is going to be undergoing even more major changes in the next month or so and I will be starting some new adventures.  

The biggest news... I'm working on writing a book!  WOOHOO!  Who knows where this path will lead but I am so excited and beyond nervous.  Writing a book and actually getting it published is only for lucky people... or at least I've always thought.  But opportunities have been coming my way and God is pushing me in new places.  So stay tuned.


chris said...

What fabulous news! Good luck!

Apryl Cerkas said...

I am so excited for you! It's crazy the way your life seems to have changed in the last few years! I'm sure you have grown tremendously in your faith, as well! I'll keep tuning in!