Korker barrette

Today I made a korker barrette for Alanna. She loves these things but I hate paying 9 dollars for them at gymboree. Who needs gymboree when I can make them myself. Here is the tutorial I used.

I'm not a fan of these ones.... yet. I used bamboo skewers, but next time I will use a fatter dowel rod. That will make bigger curls and, in the end, a fuller barrette. Instead of bamboo skewers. But, for my first try... not too bad. The tutorial also uses a wood burner to melt the ends to prevent fraying, but I don't have one. So, I just held the cut end of the ribbon against a hot burner on my electric stove and it did the trick. Turn on your fan, it kind of stinks! :) Just make sure you wash off the residue when you're done. Or just use a lighter.

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