awesome crafts!

Here are some of my absolutely favorite crafts! Check these out!

How amazing and simple is this idea???? It's such a simple and easy way to transform a cheap sandal! Check it out on Shannon's blog Shannon Makes Stuff.

This is another one I WILL be doing with the kids. Such an amazing idea and another simple one too! This one is from Kalleen. You can find it on her blog At Second Street

Here is another great one... A maternity panel for your jeans... brilliant! You can find them on Sarah's blog at Create Studio

These dyed rice filled vinyl easter eggs are super adorable! Dana made these on her blog Made. She also made shamrocks for st. patty's day.

This is such a great idea and so cheap and easy too! I might have to do this. This is from Disney and Ruffles and Stuff.

Those are just a few fun ones I love right now.


Shannon said...

Thanks so much!!! Thanks for inlcluding me in your list of things you love! I'lll definately be checking back in! I love your great ideas!!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link to my maternity jeans tutorial! So glad you like it! Thanks for reading.
-Sarah from Create Studio