Tea Party!!!

I have been soooo consumed with Alanna's birthday party lately. Hence, the lack of posts. Her party was on Sunday afternoon and it turned out so much cuter than I had envisioned! We had a little tea party with her and 4 of her friends. Because it was a kind of last minute thing, I didn't have enough games and activities planned, but I think the girls enjoyed it none the less.

I made the different size pom poms from using Martha Stewart's tutorial. I had three sizes. For the big ones I used full sheets, the medium were half sheets and the small ones were quarter sheets. They were so easy to make, just a bit time consuming. I simply used a cheap disposable table cloth, a cheap garland I bought from Michaels placed around the centerpiece, and a whole lot of pink M&M's found on sale after Easter. Oh, and for tea... apple cider (my husbands idea).

This was the centerpiece. It was simply a vase filled with pink M&M's, chocolate covered Marshmallows (pink chocolate from Michaels), and little pink butterfly suckers. I cut the suckers to be different lengths. It was definitely a hit!

This is Alanna's friend Emily, chowing down the oh so yummy marshmallows.

I made tutu's for all the girls and the girls decorated straw hats for their craft. How cute are they?

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Chris said...

Everything looks lovely! I'm sure the party was a huge hit.