Bath pad

Did you guess which entry was mine for last weeks S.Y.T.Y.C project? Here it is!

The bath pad is the perfect solution to prevent sore knees when giving your child a bath. The top and bottom are padded, providing cushion for your arms and knees.
Simply use the suction cups on the top to hold it in place and wash away. The bath pad is waterproof so there will be no issues with mold. Just wipe it off and store it.

No more soap bottles falling in the tub! The pocket in the middle is perfect for holding your child's bath needs.

And for Mom's safety, there is nonslip material on the bottom.


Jessica said...

this was a great idea...where did you find the non-slip fabric?

Chris said...

I LOVED this idea, Deidre. What a brilliant solution for bathtime backaches.

Deidre said...

Thanks ladies. The tutorial is coming this week. I'm almost done with it. The non-slip fabric was simply some shelf liner. Very similar to the material used for under rugs.

Marjorie said...

Really neat! Every mom needs one of these!

Sarah said...

Diedre, What an awesome idea! I could sure use one of these! Can't wait for the tutorial!
-Sarah from Create Studio