Bath Pad Tutorial


Supplies needed:
1 yard each of two coordinating fabrics
binding or ribbon - something about 4 inches wide
suction cups
clear vinyl
hot glue gun
non-slip fabric (more info below)
old towel

1. Measure your tub. Measure the width of the top of your tub side (you know, where you rest your arms when washing your child), the height of the tub (floor to the top of the side) measure how much pad you want for your knees), and how wide you want the entire pad. My measurements were 5(tub top side)x14(height)x8(knees)x20(width).

2. Add your total measurements - the pad width. Example 5+14+8=27. Now add an inch to your length. Your fabric (if your measurements are the same as mine), will be 28x20. Cut your two fabrics to these measurements. Lay them on top of each other wrong sides together. Now your going to make marks for your 5 and 8 inch measurements. On one end, make a mark at 5.5 inches and 8.5 inches on the other. Sew a straight line down the fabric pieces at these measurements.

3. cut the decorative trim off your towel, if it has any, or a bottom finish of any kind.

4. Using the top of the tub measurement, fold your towel over as pictured above.

5. Fold it over again so you have three layers as pictures above.

6 Cut the width of your towel to 19 inches (an inch less than your width measurement).

7. Now lie your towel pieces in the appropriate sides of the fabric. Basically, you're just laying the towel in between the fabric.

8. Sew a zig zag stitch down the ends of the fabric, encasing the towel in the fabric.

9. Cut two pieces of the vinyl to cover your pad to be about an inch wider all around. So, about 21x29. I just put the vinyl on top of the pad and eye balled it.

10. Now hot glue the vinyl together. While you're gluing around it, make sure to glue some of the edges of the pad so it doesn't slip around inside the vinyl. The hot glue will cause a slight melting of the vinyl. Don't try to peel it apart after this... you just won't be able to! this is what seals it so that water does not get in. Make sure all of your fabric is sandwiched inside.

11. cut another piece of vinyl to be your pocket down the center. I made mine 5x21. Glue the pocket to the top piece of vinyl along the sides and bottom of the pocket.

12. take the end of your 2 suction cups and cut them flat.

13. Glue them in place. Put them somewhat close to the top corners of the pad. In the picture below you can see where I placed mine. It would be better if they were closer to the corners so the sides don't curl up.

14. Cut a piece of your non slip fabric 8x21. I used shelf liner. It is similar to that of the material used for putting under rugs to prevent slipping. Glue it to the bottom of your pad. Now trim the vinyl around the edges close to your glued edges. Make sure you don't cut the glue though. You want to keep the seal.

15. Now glue your binding to the bottom of the pocket and around the top of the pocket, folding it over to cover the vinyl edge. See the picture below.

16. Now glue your binding around the outer edges, folding it around the edge to cover the glued vinyl.


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Candy (Mama Lion) said...

this is so amazing and makes me say - why didnt i think of that?? im currently using a pad under my knees thats meant for gardening in there! maybe ill try this sometime??