outdoor play mat - TUTORIAL

Outdoor Play Mat

1 yard cotton fabric
1/8 yard same cotton fabric or contrasting fabric
1 yard vinyl or shower curtain liner
a piece of velcro

1. cut fabric

Trim the vinyl to be the same measurement as your cotton fabric. I left it at the full yard.

2. sew vinyl and cotton

With right sides together, sew the cotton and vinyl together, leaving a large hole where you will turn your fabric and sew in your strap.

3. cut and sew your strap

Fold your almost finished blanket into thirds and roll it up. measure around it. Take that measurement and add an inch. Take your 1/8 yard of fabric and cut a strap that will be 4 inches wide by the measurement you just took. Fold the strap in half and sew it right sides together around one short edge and the long edge.

4. Sew in your strap

Turn your blanket right sides out. Fold the hem in slightly and place your strap in the middle of the open edge. Sew it closed.

5. velcro
Sew a piece of velcro on the end of your strap and on the blanket edge so that you can fasten your blanket shut for storage. (I don't have a picture of this step, but if you need help, let me know.) Refer to the this picture for reference:

6. Top stitch

Top stitch around the entire blanket.

***You can add some batting to the blanket if you choose, but I did not. I wasn't going for a soft blanket, but for simple mat to keep my baby clean and off the grass that irritates his skin.

*** You could also use a button hole instead of velcro if you so choose. Maybe even a snap.

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Anissa said...

Hi there - I found this tutorial via SYTYC and I think it's fantastic. The only question I have (I've bought everything and just cut the fabric out) is where on the blanket did you sew the strap? Do you fold it in half when you roll it up? Thanks so much!