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I have to take a minute to thank someone special. Danielle, from drawstringstudio. The fabric on the picnic tote was from her. Isn't it beautiful? And, it's organic. You HAVE to check out her shop for her very well priced, beautiful fabrics. And if you live near Milwaukee, like I do, she is opening a brick and mortar store very soon. I couldn't be more excited about that! Keep up with her on her facebook page to find more details about the coming store. Also, an interview with Danielle is coming later this week. She's soooo sweet! I think you'll adore her as much as I do!

THANK YOU, as well, to all of you who voted! It was a long process with some AMAZINGLY talented women. I made some new friends (competitors and fans alike), learned a lot, and stretched myself! What a great opportunity. So, here's the picnic tote (tutorial soon).

If you are tired of the same dinner and a movie date with your spouse, here is a great idea for a special night together. A picnic... without that big, boxy picnic basket. Find a babysitter, pack up a nice dinner and put it in your beautiful picnic tote!

When you unsnap the top, you can see how nicely organized all of your picnic items are.

This is not just any tote, however. The sides of the tote snap in the back to easily access the items for your picnic.

There are elastic straps to hold your wine glasses (cute plastic ones from Walmart), pockets for your plates and silverware, and a pocket for your picnic blanket.

The picnic blanket has a waterproof bottom, which is easy to clean (a simple modification of the outdoor play mat). It is a great way to enjoy your spouse. And if you really want to keep it cheap, put the kids to bed and have a picnic in the backyard. Just the two of you!

The cute fabric is curtousy of Danielle from Draw String Studio.

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Kalleen at Second Street said...

Congratulations on your win. You did a fabulous job. I loved all your projects. I look forward to see what you've been up too.