It's FALL!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Though, it would be better if it were not followed by Wisconsin winters... blah. But with that nasty thought aside, I love fall for so many reasons. Apple picking. Sweatshirts. Leaves. Acorns. chilly days. Sweaters. Hats. Pumpkins.

So, in keeping with the fall theme, I made a fun little decoration. ACORNS!!!

It's so darling! Isn't it?

I used the same technique I have used in the past to make felt strawberries. They are super simple. I did a search after making these and there is another tutorial online that you can find here. Equally as great.

Here's what we did...

My daughter and I went outside to pick acorns out of the back yard. We kept the tops and the nuts. But, this craft is just with the tops. I'm working on another project with the nuts.

Then I cut out my fabric in a circle that measures about 3 inches. I did so by tracing a childs cup.

I folded the circle in half and sewed a curved line to about the center. See how the seam next to the fold is curved? If you make it completely straight, your acorn will have a point at the bottom. This is an easy way to prevent that.

I did this a bunch of times.

Then I clipped next to the seam.

When you fold it right side out, you will have a sort of cone shape. Now put a long running stitch through the top with a hand needle.

With a small amount of stuffing, stuff your acorn. Try to stuff it pretty full so that it will have a nice round shape. Otherwise there will be a lot of creases at the top. I did some of both and the fuller ones look much better. Now pull the thread tight and tie it shut.

You should have this:

Next, glue on the top of your acorn with a hot glue gun.

Now make a whole bunch of them and you will have your own bowl of cuteness!


Amy said...

Oh my... those are adorable. Gonna have to run around and find some acorns this weekend.

sue said...

These are so cute!!!

Julie said...

be careful with the acorns! i picked some up last year that had little buggers in them that became maggots in my house... but the tops are wonderful! i can see these as an amazingly cute garland!