Oh, how I've missed you

As you know, Dan and I are professional wedding photographers.  So, you can imagine our frustration when our computer died last week!  I'm so behind with work, but more importantly.... 

I have missed you!!!

Obviously we have done something to rectify the situation since I am making another post.  And here she is:

Well, a stock photo anyway.  Yeah, a beauty.  We made the switch.  21.5" of pure awesomeness!  But see, it's a REALLY big deal in this house because my husband has been in IT for over 10 years.  Not with Mac's either... but of course, PC's.  This switch was a tough one for him, but I have never seen this man so happy in front of a computer.

Best switch EVER!  (Here's to hoping I feel the same way in the future:)

So, you will see the cool things I made for the kids last week while I was away.  Keep your eyes out.

The wedding season starts tomorrow morning.  Lots of hectic editing and running around is now underway with 20+ weddings this year!  Forgive me if I am not around too much (as I haven't been lately) because this work load is all knew to me.  I'm just hoping that I can find a balance in life quickly!


Amy said...

You will love and adore your new Mac. My husband bought me one and then loved it so much when his pc finally died, he went right out and bought himself one. My Mac is just as fast and wonderful as the day she came out of the box. Enjoy. And enjoy the start of wedding season!

Angela Reindl said...

PTL for all your weddings! :) HE ALWAYS provides :) I look forward to your projects!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Yea! We are slowly converting all of our family over to macs! lol!