Easter Outfits - FIXED POST

I know you couldn't see the photos yesterday, so here is the updated post.  Sorry about that!  I was attempting to post this at my parents house, but it just wasn't working right.  

After lots of searching for fabrics that matched the dress I bought for Alanna, I gave up.  I couldn't find anything that matched well or that I liked.  So I started over and I'm so happy I did.  Check out my little show stoppers.

You know you have three boys when they turn around and pretend to "TART AT MOM!"  Nice.

The boys all had pants made out of linen.  I just made a very simple pant for Caden and Eli (the oldest and the youngest) and I used Dana's Flat front pants tutorial for Abram.  I liked his the best, but just didn't have time to draft a pattern for the other boys.  They were all adorable anyway!!!

The boys bowties were so cute, but a tad too puffy for my liking.  I used this tutorial, but next time, I'd skip the felt and just make a double bowtie.

(don't mind the crazy hair... lots of wind and in dire need of a hair cut!)
Caden wanted nothing to do with a bow tie.  He said they were too babyish.  Instead, I made him a tie from this tutorial.  It was adorable!

I also made one for my husband from this tutorial, but it was FAR TOO SHORT!!!  I was so mad!  All that time and it didn't work.  Before you make this one, make sure your husband has a midget small size torso!  ugh.

I made a pattern from the dress I bought Alanna and made a new one from some Heather Bailey fabrics.  I just might make a tutorial on this one... maybe even some pattern pieces.  We'll see.  The dress is identical to the bought one and it was so adorable!  Tulle and all!

The best part, I took back the dress I spent WAY too much on, and made the all of this for the cost of that dress.  Pathetic that I even bought it!

And just a few more pictures:

I ended up sewing for way too long, but when everyone stopped to say how cute they all were at church yesterday, it made it all worth it!

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Chris said...

They all turned out wonderfully! I love the fabric you chose. Way to make things work...and match. :)