wedding season is here!

I had an email in my inbox this morning from a faithful follower asking if I would be posting any time soon.  I have a few summer craft ideas I really want to post since Caden's last day of school is friday.  And remember that quilting bee I was doing... yeah - WAY BEHIND!  (Sorry Ladies.  I'll get those caught up this week!)  So, yes, posts are coming... or at least, I'd like to think they are.  But in the mean time, here is a bit of what I have been doing.


 Wedding season is in full swing and we are cranking this business away.  We have turned down so many brides because we are already booked and because of that, we may be expanding the business by doing some hiring in the next couple of weeks (something I have been prolonging for a long time due to fear.  But, Dan is pushing hard and I'm following reluctantly).  This business is crazy busy... and we love it! 

 So, that explains my lack of crafting, which I don't love. :(

But check this out... Last week we shot at the Pfister.  Those of you who are from the area know how fabulous and top notch this venue is for weddings.  Well, we had a blast and made friends with the right staff.  We got to shoot ON TOP of the hotel!!!  That's right 26 floors above the streets of Milwaukee... something most photographers just do not get to do at the Pfister.  ahhhh... beauty!  I can't wait to get those pics posted!  You'll have to check out my business blog in the next few days for that.  We even saw 'Crazy' Brian Wison (the Giants closer) 10 feet away, but we were too afraid to take a photo out of fear he may bust our camera gear (actually, we just didn't want to be rude).
 But in the mean time, here are some of the photos we have taken recently.
This one was taken at the Pfister this last weekend.

 This is the Gesu on the Marquette Campus

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