Kid Craft: crayon hearts

Remember when you were a kid and you melted crayon shavings with an iron to make cool pictures? You know... when you got melted crayon all over your moms iron? Ok, maybe that was just me, but you have to know what I'm talking about, right? Well, today, Alanna and I did just that. Not ruining my iron, but melting crayon. We put the crayon shavings (such a great job for little hands) in between to sheets of wax paper. Then we sandwiched that between to sheets of craft paper (this important step will protect your iron) and proceeded to iron. You have to check often to make sure the crayon is melting but you're not burning it either. When it's melted, cut hearts out of it. We just taped them to the window, but I don't like the look. So, tonight I'm going to hang them with string at varying heights.

When I told my friend Beth what I was going to do with the kids today, she thought they might melt in the son. That made me wonder. But, after doing this project, I don't think that will be an issue since it took a bit for a hot iron to melt the crayon. Besides, it's winter in Wisconsin. Nothing melts in February!

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