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Over the last few days I have not had a ton of opportunity to do any crafting because Eli has been so fussy. It's kind of hard to tend to a fussy 4 month old and have the energy to do any kind of craftiness at night! :( But I think that should change as soon as Eli is doing better since Dan and I got a gym membership! YAY! Dan goes at night (I go in the wee hours of the morning) so I get some quiet time after the kids are in bed. Love it! Today I want to share with you all of the things I have found on some of my favorite blogs. Things I want to make.

Dan and I came up with a Christmas tradition we didn't get to start last year, but fully intend to make/do this year. We're all familiar with the advent calendar. Dan and I want to take that and do something different. Instead of putting little gifts inside, we want to put an idea or a small gift inside for the kids to give to someone else. The idea is to spark giving from the heart and take the focus off of the kids. We want them to put the thought into who they will serve that day. I found this advent calendar that has sparked some ideas on how the daily calendar will look. For those of you who want to do the traditional advent calendar, this is adorable!

It comes from a blog momma I love! Check it, and the rest of her crafts out here.

I LOVE THESE! Definitely making some of these for some of the great knit projects I plan to do this year. Can't you see these on a scarf?

Another blog I adore is Noodlehead. She has encouraged me to step into the world of zippers with her backpack tutorial. Who knew zippers were so easy? And how cute is this? It's made out of a pair of khaki pants!

Caden and I saw this awhile back and will be starting this today as he wants to make it for Alanna. When he saw that another 5 year old made this with the help of his mom, Caden knew he could handle doing it for Alanna's birthday. Alanna adores Mike from Monsters Inc. This blog is great too, by the way. This mom of boys has lots of great ideas for crafts with her boys and for her boys. Check out Craft Phesine.

I LOVE these scavenger hunt cards. They are printed on mini moo cards... the same place I get my business cards printed. GENIUS! How great would these be for a birthday party game and then a favor?

Many of you know that Alanna cut her hair down to the scalp last summer. It has FINALLY grown out enough to get it cut at so it will be fairly even. It's short but SOOO cute. I'll post pics later. But, I found this great headband tutorial that I will definitely be doing for her.

Check this out! I've seen little tents people make to put over card tables. When you have four children, you have to think big, card tables wouldn't cut it. But this? Over a dining table, with a storage bag and all from one set of sheets? I'm in. But I will skip the pvc and velcro and just make it flat on top. Too much work when it comes to assembly and taking it down with those things. So, flat it will be. I love the storage bag from the pillow case!!! BRILLIANCE!!! With as cheap as sheet sets are at Walmart, I can't pass this up!

I'll do another post like this in the future. I have so many other things I could share. But I'll save more for next time.

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