valentines headband, quilt alphabet, crayon roll

Over the weekend I made a couple of crafts and have been working on a few that I haven't finished yet. I am that person that usually has a ton of different crafts that are sitting around, just waiting to be finished. I guess I just get bored doing the same thing all of the time. They will get finished though!

One of the things I made over the last few days is a valentines headband for Alanna. It was VERY simple and so cute!

Seriously, how cute is this? I simple cut some hearts and circles out of felt with the white ones a tad bigger than the pink and red. I simple sewed a line down the center with a few stitches between the shapes. Very easy.

The quilted letters are so great for working on beginning sounds with Alanna and teaching Abram the alphabet. I just need to make a bag for them to be stored in.

(You can see I am missing a few letters... they are played with often!)

These turned out so well for my first attempt at any kind of quilting. I just might be able to attack a quilt. Maybe.

I also made a crayon roll and have two more that I'm working on for Caden and Abram. They are so great for in the car or when we are out somewhere. Alanna loves hers! I used this tutorial and some scrap fabric.

I need to add a button to this.

Isn't this such a clever idea?

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