Desperate for crafting

Since my husband lost his job two months ago, life has been sooooo stressful and frightening. We've been in a similar situation before, but we didn't have 4 children then. Scary.... that's the best word to describe this. I'm desperate for crafting. I haven't had time because I am doing everything in my power to push my photography business in every way possible.

That is the exact reason I seriously need to start creating something other than photography. It calms me. It gives me peace. I need to.

So, besides being busy, why am I not? Well, besides being broke, I don't have the creative juices flowing much at all. I think it might be time to force myself into getting myself back there. Hopefully I come up with something soon!

In the meantime, we are currently up for Best Milwaukee Photographer and would appreciate your votes!!! http://ctvr.us/realife Thanks in advance for taking time to do so!

I leave you with one of my latest favorite photo from a recent session. Well, it is actually three photos.


Chris said...

What sweet little guys. My only advice would be to not force the creative juices. Look around, find something that inspires you. "Be still and know" comes to mind.

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

gave you an award at my blog