Recycled Headboard

Last week Dan and I made an upholstered headboard for our daughters bed. Isn't it cute? The best part, it only cost us about $12.00

The absolute best part of this headboard is how cheap it was. Yes, VERY cheap! First, Dan took an hold headboard and used it for our base. It was a simple, basic, ugly headboard we were just about to throw away. We had a piece of plywood leftover from the play kitchen we made (My S.Y.T.Y.C. entry) that we cut to cover the front of the old headboard. You can kind of see what I mean from the picture below.

Next, we needed padding. We quickly learned how expensive high density foam was and scoured our house for alternatives. Dan had an idea... we had bought these little foam mats for camping.

These things are supposed to help prevent you from feeling sticks and rocks while camping. We bought them for the kids because they were cheaper than air mattresses. Well, the kids kicked us off the mattresses and Dan and I were left on these stupid things. Now, I'm not old, but at the age of 27, I woke up ridiculously sore. useless. I guess that's what I get for making them sleep on this instead of something comfortable. Needless to say, we were NOT planning on using these again. But, that's when it dawned on us... padding for the headboard. It isn't as soft as we would have liked, but it worked and it looks great. Once we stapled the pads on, we put quilters batting over the top and then attached the fabric. Once that part was done, it looked too plain. So, I added a pop of color with some coordinating fabric. I sewed two simple hems down the sides. Then we centered it and attached it in the back. Easy.

The only things we purchased for this project were staples, fabric, and quilters batting. Totaling about $12.00!!! I had a coupon for the fabric! Awesome, right?!?!?!

Alanna's bedding will be done in the polk-a-dot fabric and two other coordinating fabrics as well. We will have pillows, curtains and lampshades coming up soon. Stay tuned for that!


out of my rut... maybe???

I can't believe how hard it has been to get out of this rut! But, I think I might be ready to dive back in. Over the last week I made an upholstered headboard by recycling an old one, for my daughters room and made some beanbags for the little ones. Nothing crazy. Nothing extravagant. But, I have so many ideas floating through my head for fall/winter clothes for the kids. FINALLY! I know.... winter clothes in this head? School starts in 3 weeks, though!!! I need to be prepared! My husband will be out of town for the weekend so I think it might be on to recycling some clothes for them. Stay tuned on that!!!

I have some photos to add for the headboard and beanbags, but am having trouble uploading them. I'll add them tomorrow though. Until then, goodnight everyone!


Desperate for crafting

Since my husband lost his job two months ago, life has been sooooo stressful and frightening. We've been in a similar situation before, but we didn't have 4 children then. Scary.... that's the best word to describe this. I'm desperate for crafting. I haven't had time because I am doing everything in my power to push my photography business in every way possible.

That is the exact reason I seriously need to start creating something other than photography. It calms me. It gives me peace. I need to.

So, besides being busy, why am I not? Well, besides being broke, I don't have the creative juices flowing much at all. I think it might be time to force myself into getting myself back there. Hopefully I come up with something soon!

In the meantime, we are currently up for Best Milwaukee Photographer and would appreciate your votes!!! http://ctvr.us/realife Thanks in advance for taking time to do so!

I leave you with one of my latest favorite photo from a recent session. Well, it is actually three photos.