busy, but oh so good

I miss crafting and I can't wait to get back into it this week.  Life has just been busy, but God really blessed me today!  I want to share with you just bit about that.

I am the coordinator for our local MOPS (Mothers Of Preschoolers) group.  Tomorrow morning is our big Easter meeting, filled with testimonies and the amazing gift of salvation that God has given us.  I have spent my whole day in preparation for, hopefully, touching the hearts of the mothers in our group.  After I picked up my son from school I was explaining to him what a funeral was and what happens when we die.  My 5 year old, Alanna, was listening carefully.  I shared about the importance of receiving Christ as our Lord - dedicating our life to the ONE who created us.  I asked my Alanna if she had ever asked Jesus in her heart.  She shook her head no and I asked her if she would like to.  As I lead her through a simple prayer of salvation, I nearly started crying.  What a joyful moment to listen to my daughter utter those words to the One I love!  Amazing!  What a blessing that was after a long day of preparation!

As we enter the Easter season, may you experience the blessing of Gods great love for you! 


Chris said...

Being able to share the good news of Christ with our babies is one of the best parts of motherhood.

Ashly@Moon Walk said...

Good luck with your meeting.

Amy said...


Emily said...

Nothing sweeter than a child's prayer. :)