To be continued...

I know I said I would finish skirt week on Monday and Tuesday, but I have been WAY too side tracked!

Today, I finished the Idle Iron Man! Yes, that's right! 112 miles on the bike, 26.4 running, and 2.4 swimming! I had a lot to finish this week and it took me doing 2 workouts a day a couple of times. In 24 hours time, I biked 27 miles and ran 5. CRAZY! I'm tired. Very tired, but I'm so proud of myself! I honestly didn't think I would do it, but I did! YAY, ME! I am thinner too, but not thin enough. Lots to do over the next couple of months before summer. (It's Wisconsin. Summer doesn't start until well into June if we're lucky!)

Anyway, now that I'm finished with that, the crafts will come soon! Thanks for being patient with me!


Clairejustine said...

well done, i do lots of exercise and it really takes your day up, keep up the good work :)

Chris said...