Kid Dates

So this isn't a craft post, but I anticipate craft posts coming because of this post.  :)

This morning I watched a few youtube videos that got me thinking about the dynamic of our family.  Dan and I have put so much time and effort into the financial aspect of our family (I guess that's just part of the territory when you have 4 children) and not enough on the investment we need to make in their lives to ensure that they have solid marriages as adults.  I thuroughly believe that it is OUR job to set them up for success!  We start the ball rolling!

It is so important for us to protect the hearts of our daughters NOW so that we can help our odds of avoiding sex before marriage, multiple sex partners, and a successful marriage.  We have all heard of ideas for father/daughter dates.  They are so important!  In fact, here is a video with some great ideas.
Tell me that you, as a little girl, didn't want your daddy to adore you?  You wanted him to notice you.  You wanted your mom to do the same.  So, do it for your daughter!  Make her feel special so she doesn't run out and find it elsewhere.... because she WILL!

But, what about our boys???  As a society, we are not raising responsible, dignified men who have integrity.  This video has some stunning facts.  Watch it and run over and buy the book!  Protect their hearts.  By doing so, you're protecting the hearts of someone else's daughter as well.

Dan and I have decided to start something we have been meaning to do for a long time now, dates with our children.  The kids and I made a list of 40 ideas that they can each do with one of us.  Not family nights.  One on one time with mom or dad.  We have decided that we will each take two of our children on dates each month.  That way, 2 get a date with dad and 2 get a date with mom.  The next month, we will switch kids.  A lot of our ideas are cheap or free.  Investing in your childs emotional needs does NOT have to cost a lot of money.  Below is the list we came up with.

Here are a few resources you should check out:
Wild at Heart - a GREAT book for moms of boys to read!
Captivating - a GREAT book for Dads of girls to read!
Every Man's Battle - for Dad's and Moms to read!
Six ways to keep the little in your girl
six ways to keep the good in your boy

1. Fishing
2. Laser tag
3. camping
4. beach
5. park
6. zoo
7. make and fly kites
8. mini golf
9. ice cream
10. board games at the coffee shop
11. breakfast
12. bike ride
13. Jumping Country (indoor bounce house)
14. crafts @ Michaels ($2 saturday morning workshops)
15. movies
16. skateland (indoor roller skating)
17. ice skating
18. go shopping
19. soup kitchen
20. horseback riding
21. bowling
22. rock wall climbing
23. dinner
24. picnic
25. Glaze (local pottery painting studio)
26. theater (watch a play)
27. go carts
28. Brewers game (yes, we're in Wisconson:)
29. Packer game
30. Hot air balloon (something we have always wanted to do)
31. Six Flags (great America for you crazy people)
32. Sledding (if we ever get snow this winter)
33. batting cages
34. train ride
35. bookstore
36. candystore
37. toy store
38. Pigments Art Studio (local art studio)
39. Park patrol (go to as many parks as you can in your town in a certain amount of time)
40. American Girl Store

Make your own list and romance that child!


Angela Reindl said...

I love this idea! One of my friends told me recently that they have special days with each of their children (they have 4 also) on Sunday nights. They rotate through and just hang out together that night. One month the mom does it, the next month the dad does it. They will play games, paint nails, do a project, etc. I think it's SO important. Also, you're right about having to TEACH your child how to be a good person-it doesn't come naturally. :) Hope you have fun!

Mollie said...

I'm so glad I stumbled onto this post... I have been thinking about starting something like this with my three kids. Thanks for the list of ideas!! Love the blog!