Recycled Ruffle Skirt and Hair Tie

Recycled Ruffle Skirt and Hair Tie

My daughter absolutely LOVES skirts and leggings in the winter.  She loves even more, when I make it for her.  This skirt is one of my favorites to date!

The skirt is made from a women's shirt and knit material.  The leggings are attached to the skirt at the waistband, allowing for more comfort than separate pieces.  

The skirt features a fold over waistband and is extremely comfortable for your little one.  I added a little bit more visual interest by simply sewing on some stitches with embroidery floss.  The skirt can be made with more or less detail, depending on your taste.  

 The hair tie pulls the whole outfit together.  What mom doesn't love matching hair ties?  It's bright, ruffly, and girly.  Three things little girls love!

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