Yesterday I stumbled upon Alisa Burke's blog.  Have you found it yet? Well, you need to!

As an artist, sewer (I don't like the word seamstress.. it's too professional), Photographer (that's a professional word, and well, I am a professional photographer :), and lover of all things art, I immediately fell in love.

I mean, how could you not?  The vibrant color, the life, the inspiration just pours out of her work.

I have so many ideas floating around my head.  The first one, pulling out my dusty sketch book.  sigh.  I miss my art.  

But now I am inspired!  I have a plan for tonight and it includes art.  If it turns out half way decent, I might share.


Anonymous said...

Love the colorful mugs!

Phoenix Peacock said...

Maybe some of your first art journaling pages/sketches could be for my project:

FavoriteAuntLaurie said...

ummm, I love your blog!!!! BUT, I can only say this, as I have used the "word" sewer to describe someone who sews, but in writing people read it as sewer, like where waste water goes, and anyway, people got all over me for it. HAHAHAHAHA! Everyone here I am sure knows what it really means, but I just got a good laugh and had to tell all my friends who gave me guff for using it! :-) Again, love all your cool stuff!!!!!

Deidre said...

Laurie, I've heard that before! :) haha.

aimee910 said...

I love her blog! It's on my daily read bookmark list.