Ribbon Flower Skirt - TUTORIAL

This skirt is a super simple one with such a fun little detail.  Enjoy!

What you need:
needle and thread
1/2 yard of fabric
3/4" elastic

You're going to start by folding your fabric in half, salvage to salvage.

Measure the length you want your skirt and add two inches.  Cut out your panel.

Sew your panel, right sides together, along the salvage.

Iron your salvage open.

Iron both raw edges of your skirt down a 1/4 inch.

Fold and iron one side of your skirt little more than 3/4 of an inch.

Fold and iron the opposite side of your skirt another 1/4 inch, creating a double fold.

On the 3/4 inch side you ironed, sew it closed, leaving a 1 inch gap.  Pull your elastic through, overlap it one inch and sew it together.  Then, close your hole.

Run a straight stitch along the bottom of your skirt.

You should now have a simple skirt.  You could stop here, but that's boring!

Take your ribbon and fold it over just a little, holding it with your fingers.

 Make a loop.

 Matching your ends the best that you can, start another loop.

 Keep the ends matched the best that you can and keep making loops.  You should make about 15 loops.

 When you get to the end, trim your ribbon a little longer than your loops.  

 Tuck in the end.

 Pull a piece of thread through the ends of your loops, making sure you get each one.
 Put your needle back through the ends of the ribbon in the same place you put the last one.

 Do not pull your thread tight.  This is what is going to make your ribbon flow in a circle.

 Let the loops go and evenly space them around your thread into a nice circle.  Tie off  your thread.

 Position your flower on your skirt.

 With your fingers, smash the loops down so they lay flat and they all lay in the same direction.  Then secure it to your skirt, making sure you tack down each of the loop ends.

 Tack down a few of your loops.  I did every other loop so that it won't fall later.


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Katie said...

so cute and so simple-i love it!