Fabric Pom Pom Tutorial

While this is not a new concept, it really is a fun and adorable little craft that I just have to share with you. Fabric Pom Poms. They are such a fun little craft that is great to finish while watching a favorite tv show.

I attempted to make the pom poms by wrapping them around my fingers, the old school way. But, it didn't work. So I made two different sizes following the steps below.

First cut two circles of whatever size you wish. I prefer the smaller size as the pom poms look fuller. But the large ones are equally gorgeous. If you plan to make lots of them, you might want to use the smaller size as they are a lot faster to make. The small ones are about 6 cm. with a 1.5 inch whole in the center. I made the whole by using a decorative punch and it worked great. The large one is about 4 inches with a 1.5 inch whole.

Cut long strips of fabric along the salvage edge about 1/4 inch wide. The fabric I used was 2 yards long. When making the smaller ones, I found that 3 of these strips worked well. You could probably get away with 2, but it won't be nearly as full. The large white one I made had 4 strips which looked kind of light to me, but still really pretty. The brown one was 5 and that worked pretty well. You can definitely use more than that.

Hold two of your circles together and place the end of one of your strips as flush as you can to the outer edge of your circles and start wrapping.

As you come to the end of the strip, make sure the end stops at the outer edge of the circles.

Trim the end to be slightly longer than the outer edge of the circle.

Start your second strip on the opposite side of the circle where you just trimmed the end of your last strip and start wrapping the same as before.

Once you have all of your strips wrapped around, slip your pair of scissors under the layers and start cutting them at the outer edge of the circle.

You should now have this. The strips will stay on the circle pretty nicely, but be careful that you do not start pulling them off or shifting them around.

Separate the circles and take a strip of your desired length and slip it between circles.

Tie your strip into a knot.

Slip the cardboard circles off one end and you should now have this.

Fluff it up a bit and trim the short end of the strip you just tied to match the length of the other strips.

I simply tied the pom poms together at varying lengths and hung them on a nail. They are super cute on the front door. You could use these to make a garland for a party or a girls room, a bow on a gift, embellishments for clothing, jewelery, or handbags. The possibilities are endless.


Chris said...

Fun! I love the colors your chose.

Sherman said...

Very lovely... happy 2011!
Sherman Unkefer