New Trends

As a professional wedding photographer, the trends for the new year are always exciting to me. The trends for 2011 made me smile. Here is a good blogpost as to what some of those are.

But why am I talking about this on my craft blog? Because I really believe the crafters in blog land are a big part of it. Wedding Photographers, event planners, coordinators, etc. are always scouring the internet for "new" ideas. Not to mention a lot of us in the industry are crafters too. The ideas of others inspire us to create. So, as new trends surface this year, YOU... a crafter... are part of the magnificent ideas popping up all over the place.

What is coming next year is awesome... vintage flair, sophistication, outdoor venues, earth conscious choices, BOW TIES!, big ball gowns, metalics and bold colors, and my favorite... TEXTURE, TEXTURE, TEXTURE!!!! Don't we see a lot of that all over the blogs right now? Get ready... it's coming to weddings this year!!!

Here are a few photos of my work from a wedding I did last year, that I believe show the relationship between wedding vendors and crafters:

Handmade clips for the waist of the bridesmaid dresses.

Embellished heals... amazing, right?

This whole dress was handmade by the brides mom. Super gorgeous. Check out the hats on the boys... love it!

Look at that bustle!!! Texture, ruffles and beauty.

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