A little shortcut that will make you laugh

Have you seen this awesome cuff over at Kootoyoo?
It is a simple crochet method that looks so great!  I love this.  

Here is the one I made last night. 

It's called a broomstick lace and it is made with a crochet hook and a super huge knitting needle.  The problem is, I don't have a huge knitting needle and I couldn't justify spending money on a needle I would probably never use again (or rarely).  So, I hunted around the house to find something that would work in it's place.  And.... This is what I used...

Yes... a turkey baster.  It worked really well, actually!  Why buy a needle that I really do not need when I can use what I have on hand (even if my husband thinks I'm crazy)?

Here is part one of the video I used to learn how to do this stitch.  Super easy!


Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

i just saw that cuff the other day and thought...dang that looks complicated! yours looks great! I don't even have a turkey baster...so i'm crap out of luck!

Amie said...

Haha absolutely brilliant! Props to you for being so resourceful.