Valentines Heart Garland Tutorial

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I order some of my presentation folders that I give to clients with all of our wedding package info in them from a company called Paper Source. I love that catalog!

In their catalog they have paper kits for different holidays. This time they had an ADORABLE heart garland that I knew I could make with items I had on hand.

Here's how I did it:

Materials Needed:
2 12x12 pieces of cardstock
double sided tape

Mark 1 inch lines across both pieces of cardstock.

Cut out the strips.

Fold the strip in half.

With a pencil (round not ridged), roll one end of the strip 3.5 inches down (or 3 turns around the pencil)

You should now have this.

Adjust your curl to look more like a heart.

Repeat on the other side.

Repeat with all of your strips.

Cut a piece of thread or fishing line as long as you want your garland and thread it with a needle. Start threading your hearts on my poking the needle through the center of the crease at the bottom of your heart.

Continue threading them on.

Starting at the bottom of your chain, take the first heart and place a piece of double sided tape to one inside curl of the heart.

Place the string on the center of the tape and press the other side of the heart closed.

Continue with all of the hearts.


Chris said...

Cute cute cute and easy peasy. Thanks for sharing the how-to.

Bonnie B. said...

what a great idea! love it.

Sheri@childmade.com said...

These curly hearts were around last year, but I forgot how pretty they are. And I hadn't seen them done in a garland. Well done! Thanks for sharing ... I'll be linking. And please come join my link party anytime!


Kimberly said...

LOVE this!

Jenna said...

This is sooo stinkin' cute!!! Gonna try it.

Merry Makes.. said...

Great! Now we'll be able to decorate with something more than just paper-chains :)

Nanny Dee said...

Love this -- even young children could help! Thanks for posting -- found you through a link on Childmade!

Diana Joy said...

This is really cute and looks like fun to do. TFS.

AgsEliza said...

Very cute! Great idea...thanks! I also love the little candy heart garland.