Newspaper Fabric Ball - Tutorial

You have all seen them.  The fabric rag balls.

I wanted to make some for this cool platter my grandmother gave me for my birthday, but I didn't feel like hauling three children to the store in the cold weather.  blah.  So, I came up with a short cut.

Here is what you need: 
Long strips of fabric
glue gun

Ball up one piece of newspaper

Put your ball of newspaper on top of another piece and start rolling it up.

 Tuck the sides in as you go.

You should have something like this when you get to the end.

Now just glue it down really well with your hot glue gun.

Cut long strips of fabric no wider than 1 inch.  I had some quilted strips that I was using for a quilt I started and never finished, but you can just you long strips of one color.

Put hot glue at the end of one of your strips.

 Attach it to the ball and start wrapping.

 When you get to the end, add glue to the end of the strip.

 Glue it underneath a strip that is right next to it.

 Look over your ball for fabric that is sticking up.

Glue it down. This will secure the strips so they don't slide off.

Then, stick them in a cool bowl and set it on your table.  I have a few more to make to fill up my bowl, but I think it looks great for not costing me anything.

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