Finished Ladybug Pillow Pet

I finished the ladybug the other day and my daughter couldn't be happier. Thankfully, she is only 4 so she doesn't care if it isn't the "real" thing. Who knows how long that will last?

I attempted to make pattern pieces for the head in photoshop, but it just wasn't working right. So, tomorrow I will be scanning the pieces at Office Max since I don't own a scanner. Lame. But I really want to get that posted for you! It took me awhile to get the shape of the head the way I wanted it. I might as well save you the time and post the pattern. Look for that soon.

These photos are not great as I took them at night. I'll post some better ones later.

Alanna has dragged this thing everywhere since I've finished. Well, let me clarify. She has been dragging it everywhere since I finished the body. But now that the head is done, she couldn't be happier!

I learned a great lesson with this pillow. I will never again assume that I can't make something that is sold in the stores. Even if it isn't exact, I can make it! So, have at her! It's easy!

I have decided to add this to the Bloggers Pillow Party. Why not right? I was making the pillow anyway, so why not enter it?

Blogger's Pillow Party

Check it out!


Kris said...

Amazingly awesome! Good job!

Wendy said...

How cool! Such an original idea.

Thearica said...

Oh wow! I have a friend who adores anything ladybugs!! I will have to show her your link!

Anonymous said...

I've seen a few attempts at pillow pets, but yours is the cutest! I think it's even better than the "real" ones!

Deidre said...

Thanks ladies. I need to finish up the bee still. Kind of slacking. But once I do, I will post a pattern piece for the head

john said...

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