Are you up for a challenge?

After having my second child, I started working out with two friends and boy did the weight come off fast!  But then I had baby number 3 and didn't loose it because we were in a new town with no friends.  Then 9 months later I was pregnant with baby number 4.  Now, I have a LOT of weight to lose!  

I have been wanting to get rid of the extra weight for a long time, and now I'm bound and determined to do it.  Care to join me on my journey of weight loss?

If so, once a week I will be posting a new challenge.  I know, it isn't craft related, but sometimes you just need some accountability.

So, if you're in, here is challenge number one.

Get a work out partner.

If you're like me, staying motivated is totally an issue!!  BLAH!  I hate the idea of working out alone.  I find myself watching the clock and wondering how much longer it's going to be.  But, when I work out with a partner, I have someone to talk to and the time goes so much faster!  So, get a work out partner.  Someone who is willing to work out 2-3 times a week.  Pick what you plan to do... be it a gym membership (or actually using the one you pay for but never use!), a video, running outside, whatever.  Just find someone and something.

I have my work out partner.  My friend Liz.  She has always been working out and is in MUCH better shape than I am.  Truth is, that's just more motivation!!!

If you want in on this weight loss challenge, let me know.  Post a before photo of yourself so you can track your progress.  I know, I'm dreading this part.  (I'll have mine up later today)  Letting you actually see how fat I am!  YIKES!  I'm doing it anyway.  It's more motivation!  So, do it!  Face your fears and lose your butt! 


Amy said...

Wow seriously, as i was sitting my lazy butt down to read my blogs i thought, i have to lose twenty pounds .... And i opened your blog first and read. Yes, baby number 3 killed my body as well. never have had weight issues before this. she is 3. Can't blame it on that anymore.... So i guess what i am trying to say is i am in. Thanks for having the courage for posting this. You will be helping me! And i am sure many others. Bring it on girlie! I am with you!

Deidre said...

YAY! It's easier to have others helping you stay motivated. And think, you can have it gone by summer!!!!

Ashly@Moon Walk said...

It always helps to have someone to motivate you. Even when you do not feel like working out they will be there to give you an extra push!