Birthday's on the Mind

Alanna and Abram both have birthday's coming up.  Alanna will be 5 on March 26th and Abram will be 3 on April 15th.  I have a bit of time, but I like to plan ahead.  Here's what I've been thinking for Abram.

A circus party:
(photo credit Pumpkin Petunia)

I love the photo booth!  Obviously, as a professional photographer, any excuse for fun pictures is fine by me! And of course, you can't have a party without a candy buffet!

(photo credit traceycakes)
I love these popcorn cupcakes!  It's just a cupcake baked in paper portion cups.  Then frost them white and press mini marshmallows on top.  Dilute some yellow food coloring with water and spray on top of the marshmallows.  EASY!

For the favor, animal crackers!
(photo credit hgtv)

I might go this route with him, though a construction theme might be in order otherwise.  I've done it before though... we'll see.

For Alanna, I'm thinking a spa day theme.

(photo credit The Party Muse)

How cute are those mask cookies!?!?!?  

(photo credit The Party Dress)

I thinking a little gift bag of some sort filled with a little fingernail polish, toe separator, etc.

If not a spa day, I don't know.  Any ideas for a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy?  I might just go with what I have so far.  We'll see.


Ashly@Moon Walk said...

The popcorn cupcakes are great.

hudsonmotherof4 said...

Hi Deidre! My daughter Madelyn, now 7, waited 2 years for the party I promised her! Back in 2008 I had her baby brother 2 days before her birthday and we had to say good-bye to her Strawberry Shortcake fairy party. In 2009 we literally had zero money and instead of a party made cardboard and dowel fairy wands with her cousins at our Thanksgiving meal (b-day quite often falls in, around, and on that day).
Soooo, this past year I finally did it! Still not much money and not really a theme but instead of handing the party guests a gift bag, I planned a scavenger hunt (my daughter is crazy about PBS Kid's Fetch!). So I paired up the girls and wrote their clues on index cards, sending each pair to different rooms. They had a clue to find their first item then they all came back to me and showed it to everyone. Then they got another clue on a card...we kept doing this until all 3 or 4 items were found! They LOVED it! BTW, I used $1 items from Michaels...such as socks, toys, candy.