Randoms and diet challenge

Have you checked out Better After yet?  If not, you seriously need to get out of the cave and check it out!  It's my new addiction.  Well, besides dieting.

From Simple transformations:

To more elaborate...

There is plenty for everyone!


On the diet note, things are going ok.  I worked out Friday and this morning and will be back again on Thursday and Friday.  I have been going to the Y at 5:00 in the morning with my friend, Liz.  It helps to have the motivation of a friend.  Knowing that someone is waiting for me helps me get my fat butt out of bed.

But here is the next diet challenge:

 This is helping me so much!  Just writing down what I am eating, how many calories, and how much water I
am having is making all the difference.  Here is a link to the print out I use (it is in my home management binder).


Tomorrow I have a craft to share with you.  Check back!


Lindsey @ Better After said...

Aww thanks so much for the love! You have a beautiful blog!

Amy said...

I love seeing before and after's.
The workout is going... I felt good after i did it. Just have to keep it up. I stumbled across a website yesterday that youcan enter everything into. Food diary excercise goals all of that. My problem is that i eat far to much... Portions. Why do i always feel like i have to eat untill i am so stuffed? Funny but i think when i was younger my stomach was bigger andi could eat more without gaining weight.... Lol oh well good job with the gym! It is awesome to have a friend to keep you motivated.