Bedroom redo - Before

We have lived in this townhouse for 3 years now and I have yet to do ANYTHING with it.  I guess I refused to accept that this was home because I hate it here that much.  Well, we are finally to the point that we are planning to move to a REAL house next year.  Our plans are to work our butts off now so we can start building at the beginning of the year.  People think we are crazy to want to build, but we have a few requirements to fit our family that we most likely will not find if we buy.

So, I'm telling you all of this because I want to start prepping for a new home now.  We have had so many friends tell us to start buying furniture and the like now (as much as possible) because it's harder once you have a house and all the expenses that come with it.  So, that's my plan.  Our bedroom is first.  I'm not going to do any painting here (walls) because it is a rental and I don't want to repaint next year. 

So, here are some before pics.

It's ugly.  I know.  The headboard was free and the quilt was a cheapo from walmart 6 years ago. 
Unfortunately, my "office" is in our bedroom.  Lame.  I know.  But it's about utilizing space at this point.  I thought about buying an Armoire, but my office won't be in our room once we move anyway.  Not sure what or if I will do anything here.  hmmmm.  If you have any CHEAP ideas, let me know.  Because, frankly, this sucks.  :)

My plan is to do a yellow, white and gray color scheme.  
The colors just work wonderfully together.  My plan, however, is to paint the walls gray, have white furniture and yellow accents.  That way I can change out the yellow if I get sick of it without too much of a budget killer.  

Today I picked up a white down alternative comforter for $25.00 from Target.  High quality?  no.  Oh well.  
It's nothing glamorous... yet.  I'm on the hunt for a gray blanket to lay at the foot of the bed.  I'm going upholster the headboard, but I need to find a yellow fabric first...  Any suggestions???

Then, new shams, pillows, pain the furniture, new curtains and some artwork.  Shouldn't be too bad.
Look for lots on this in the coming days.  I want to have it done by next week.  I'm just sick of it!

Seriously though... suggestions for fabric for the headboard and curtains??? 


Heather said...

I would check out fabric.com they have tons of stuff for great prices. I have gotten all my fabric for my curtains from there.

Emily said...

Okay I am curious about the new requirements of your new house. Are you going to build a bomb shelter or anything? ;)

Deidre said...

HA HA... no bomb shelter! :) To have a house that is big enough for all of us and a home office right off the entrance (or with it's own entrance) and closed off from the rest of the house is a must. I want to be able to have clients over without the kids interfering. Plus, a BIG must... and it might sound dumb, but when you have 3 boys, a laundry room and bathroom right off the garage is a MUST HAVE! I'm tired of dirt being tracked through the house every time they enter!

Shannon said...

When I upholstered my tacky - hand-me down- headboard; 1) I was in a shabby chic phaze so I choose a vintage Gingham/checked soft Cotton sheet. 2) I didn't attach/staple it to the headboard - I made it 2x the size of the front, hemmed all 4 edges then added some big 'ties' 2 for each side ... wrapped the headboard in some quilters batting then Tied my fabric cover on - I still have it (in my spare room) and the best part is you can take it off to wash it and it smells all fresh & clean clean :) the soft cotton feels so nice if you brush your hand against it in the night ... :) good luck can't wait to see more pics of the redo :)