Easy Accent Pillow - Tutorial

This is the easiest pillow I have EVER made!  A friend of mine, Tracy, was showing me the fabric she was going to use to make some pillows for her living room.  Well, I was inspired and while I was in Target today, I picked up my own material for a super cheap pillow.

It's perfect for my yellow, white and gray bedroom plan.

Items needed:
fiber fill

 When looking for a place mat, make sure it is two pieces of fabric top stitched together.  I found mine at target for $3.99.  Cheap pillow!

With your seam ripper, make a hole on one end of the place mat.

 I had fiber fill on hand.  It's the cheap stuff from Walmart.

 Stuff your pillow and sew it closed.  You can either hand sew or top stitch with your machine.  I just hand sewed it because it wasn't a large hole.  Done!  See.... easiest pillow ever!


I just did a quick search on google and found this:

at Remodelaholic.

I didn't "copy" her, but great minds must think alike! :)  The Place mat pillow is not new, but I thought it was so funny that we both used the same place mat.

I also found it by others as well:

and here.

So, not a "one of a kind" piece, but close enough. :)


Modern Wife said...

I cannot believe that is a place mat! Very creative. Love it.

Ashly@Moon Walk said...

super cute!

Shannon said...

OMG - another use for a placemat :) love it - & love that others used the same one! girls are just so smart!

Amy said...

Brilliant! I love this pillow!

Kimberlee said...

Just picked up some fun holiday placemats 50% off at Kohls, can't wait to 'stuff' them!

AK Studios said...

I love this idea!! The best part about it is, I registered for 4 of these place mates last week..lol! guess i will have to go make that 6 so i can make 2 super cute pillows!