Recycled sweater to flower pin - Tutorial

One more time for the red sweater.  ok... there is still lots left.  So you'll probably see more, but not for awhile.

This time I made a flower pin.

Here is what I did:

First cut out 9 circles about 2-3" wide.

 Take one circle and fold it in half.  Use a little hot glue to hold it closed, but just in the very center of the circle.

 Fold it in half again, using just a small dab of hot glue.

Glue this down to one of your circles, lining the point of your folded circle up to the center of your other circle.

 Continue folding and gluing your circles down until you have four covering the flat circle.

 On top of this, glue three more folded circles.

This is what you should have when your second layer is done.
 Now fold one more circle and put some glue right on the tip of the corner and stick it in the top of your flower.

 Glue a pin to the back and you have a broach.  Pin it to your shirt, a purse, whatever.  Or you can glue it to a hair clip or head band.  The possibilities are endless.


Julie Wasson said...

this is great! i have been upcycling sweaters but I have pieces left over that are too small to sew but too big to toss.

Tracy said...

Hi I am a new follower only question I have is how do you stop the edges from fraying?
The blog is fab and I have the button which means I will check in most days

Deidre said...

Tracy... try fray check. Best stuff on the planet! You could also zig zag stitch or serge the circles before assembling the flower.