Recycled Sweater to Pencil Holder - Tutorial

My son, Caden, is always searching for a pencil when he needs to start his homework.  They're usually shoved in a basket on the bookshelf that is filled with God only knows what.  So, I wanted to make a cute pencil holder for him to easily access his pencils when he needs them.

Love it!  Another super easy project.

You will need only a few things... 

old sweater
tin can
glue gun

Cut off one of the sleeves, about 4 inches longer than the can is tall.  Then cut it down the seam of the sweater (unless your sleeve fits snugly around your can.  Then skip the next few steps... mine didn't).

Glue one edge of the sweater to the can, leaving a small amount of the sweater hanging over the bottom edge of the can - not much.

Fold over the opposite side of the sleeve and glue it down.

Wrap it around the can and glue this folded edge on top of the other edge.

Sorry for the bad picture here - too small of a depth of field.  
Anyway, tuck the top of the sweater into the can and glue it down.

Carefully glue the bottom edge of the sweater under the can, making sure to get all of the loose ends so that it doesn't fray.  The above picture has only half of the sweater glued to the bottom so you can see how I am pulling all of those loose ends down.  That's it.  Now fill it with pencils!


everyday muses said...

is the red sweater used for the pencil holder the same as the one used for the ear warmer? either way, nice repurpose!

Deidre said...

Yes it is... I have other plans for the rest of the sweater, too.

Kimberly from "bugaboo" said...

I love upcycling sweaters. These two are great!

S.E.Minegar said...

this is adorable! you have gotten A LOT of mileage out of that sweater. way to upcycle!

love the headband too!