Bedroom Redo - Update

I was really hoping to get a lot of the bedroom done this weekend but a lot of things got in the way.  The biggest, trying to find some fabric that I like.  ugh.  I can't find anything that is yellow, white and/or gray that I like!  So annoying.  Joann's had nothing to choose from so I'm going to have to order it, but I still couldn't find anything I like online either.  I'm thinking I want the fabric white and yellow - predominantly yellow.  This is all I have found that is SOMEWHAT decent...  still not sure about this one!
I would be using this fabric for the headboard, trim on the pillow cases, trim on the curtains, lampshade (?), and possibly for a blanket at the foot of our bed.  So, the fabric has to be a good one!

 I made another pillow for the bed out of an old, gray sweater from my other in law and bought a couple of queen size pillows to add to the collection.  I need to make some pillow cases for two of the pillows, but I'm waiting until I find the fabric I like so I can use it for an accent on the pillow cases.  Now that I'm seeing the pillows, however... I might not keep either!

I did find a shelf in the basement that my husband was using to hold paint cans.  So, I started painting it white but ran out of spray paint.  It needs a few more coats and I will get to that this week.

Suggestions for that lamp?  Should I get a new one or just spray paint it and recover the shade?  What do you think?

The yellow shelves were just some ugly box shelves I found at goodwill for nearly nothing and spray painted them yellow.  Dan is going to hang them on the wall for me tonight.

The frame was a black frame that I spray painted white.  Then I made some flowers out of an old yellow and old gray t-shirt and hot glued to the frame.  Simple and cute.

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