I used to draw.  A lot.  Since college, that has been a big challenge.  I miss it.  I'm hoping to challenge myself to pick up the pencil and paper again and do some artwork.  

Here are some photos of my work when I was younger.  They are not great photos, but you get the picture.  All of the pencil drawings are done with nothing but a #2 pencil.

This is a pastel pencil of Johnny Cash

 This is an oil painting I did in 4th grade that one first place in a high school division art contest.

 This is a pastel pencil of Tom Hanks from the Green Mile.

Pencil of Michael Jordan

 Pencil of Lucille Ball.

 Pencil of an old actor (don't remember which one)

 Pencil of Wycleff Jean.

Oil pastel

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Amy said...

I always wished that I could draw... God forgot to give me that ability when he created me... LOL
You are very talented. I love the way you capture the eyes. Lucille Ball's eyes are incredible!

Did you begin the working out? I am starting today. Tonight actually when I get the kids to bed.