Preschool Lessons

It seems like the preschool lesson thing is hitting the craft blogs hard today! :)

I'm right along with them, too!

Today I had a few of Alanna's future Kindergarten classmates over for a preschool lesson.  It was awesome.  Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures.  :(  

But I will share a few things.

Check out this resource I found at musings of me.

We did a lot of things from there and a few from here too.  We sorted capital and lowercase A's and B's.  We did a little number matching game.  I cut out 10 hearts for each child out of construction paper.  On one side I put the number and on the other side I put dots to represent that number.  Then I cut them in half and the kids had to match them.  Easy and cute.  Just laminate them to make them last longer.

We also did a science experiment!

The favorite thing was by far our science experiment.  We pulled out a whole bunch of items and the kids decided if they would sink or float.  We put them in their respective piles.  Then I filled a large tub (one of my photography props) with water and we put the items to the test.  BIG HIT!  Super easy and not horribly messy.   Give it a try with your preschooler!